Stage Construction Approved for Cathedral City Community Amphitheater

The City Council voted last night to award a $1.675 million contract to GKK Works/Cannon Design to construct the stage structure for the new Cathedral City Community Amphitheater at the corner of Avenida Lalo Guerrero and Cathedral Canyon Drive.

The $4.5 million amphitheater park is currently under construction and will include a permanent stage, walking trails, children’s play area, restrooms, concession stand, and infrastructure to host the City’s festivals, food truck events, concerts, stage performances, and art shows.  The 2.5 acre park will have a seating capacity of 2,909 people for concerts.

Here is a recent video showing the progress being made so far:

The park site will be completed in August 2019 and the stage structure is expected to be completed in December 2019.



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