Construction Begins on the New Downtown Amphitheater Park

CS Legacy Construction began fencing off the perimeter of the new downtown amphitheater park this morning as grading will commence on the new $3.7 million project next week.  CS Legacy is charged with building all aspects of the park except for the stage portion of the park.

The 2.5 acre downtown amphitheater park adjacent to the parking garage at the corner of Avenida Lalo Guerrero and Cathedral Canyon Drive will feature a permanent outdoor stage, restrooms, concession stand, children’s play area, and walking paths.  With a seating capacity exceeding 2,900 people, this amphitheater park will be an ideal location for our city’s festivals, art shows, food truck events, concerts, local theater productions, and much more.  Completion of the downtown amphitheater park is expected in the fall of this year.


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